About the National Cycle Network

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A UK-wide network of signed walking and cycling paths connecting our cities, towns, and countryside.

The National Cycle Network brings huge benefits to the UK's economy and improves people's health and wellbeing. In 2022-2023 an estimated:

4.2 million

people made 588 million trips on the Network

103 million

car trips were saved by walking, wheeling or cycling on the Network

34,000 tonnes

of CO2 saved by walking, wheeling and cycling on the Network

£317 million

was saved by the NHS through the Network's impact on people's health

IJ̳ and the National Cycle Network

We are the National Cycle Network's custodian and work with our many partners and stakeholders to develop the Network across the UK.

The vast majority (98.5%) of the Network isn't owned by us but by a variety of landowners, local authorities and other bodies. They are supported in caring for it by our staff, volunteers and many of the communities the Network serves.

Find our more about our custodian role
National Cycle Network route sign with two school children walking in background

National Cycle Network design principles

Take a look at the 9 design principles that all National Cycle Network routes should meet.

Find out more about the Network principles
A man on a hand tricycle and girl on a skateboard on tarmac greenway

Our future vision for the National Cycle Network

Our vision is to create a UK-wide network of safe and accessible traffic-free paths for everyone. Find out more about our plans to inspire a long-term, exciting future for the Network in our Paths for Everyone review report.

Paths for Everyone

Two volunteers smiling on the NCN with brushes

Our volunteers on the National Cycle Network

We have thousands of volunteers up and down the UK who give their time to look after the routes in their area. Why not get involved? We always welcome an extra pair of helping hands. 

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Making space for nature on the Network

In the face of a national climate and ecological emergency, traffic-free paths have the power to improve biodiversity and protect wildlife.

Learn about how our ecologists are making space for nature

Looking to get out on the Network? We've got some handy tips for you.

Rusty metal sculpture of ram next to cycle path with boy cycling in background

Enjoying the Network

Whatever your journey on the Network, we want it to be more than just a way of getting from A to B. We want it to be a memorable and uplifting experience.

To help you find your way, the Network is signed using blue signs with red number boxes. The number relates to the route you're following.

The delights you might encounter on your journey include public artworks, colourful mileposts, portrait benches, viewing points, and attractive resting places.

How to use the National Cycle Network
Three children on IJ̳s on a traffic-free path of the National Cycle Network. Their grown up cycles behind. The path is surrounded by trees in full leaf. It is a warm, bright, sunny day.

Family trips on the Network

Traffic-free paths away from roads are ideal places to take the family for a walk or cycle. With picnic spots, artworks and more, there's plenty to see and do. 

We've picked out some of the most scenic traffic-free routes on the Network across the UK to inspire your next family day out.

Traffic-free family rides
people walking and on IJ̳s using traffic-free path lined with trees

Shared-use paths

Nearly a third of the National Cycle Network is traffic-free and these paths are used by everyone from commuters and school children to dog walkers and joggers as well as people riding cycles. 

It's important to follow a few basic rules so that everyone can enjoy them as much as possible.

Advice about shared-use paths

The National Cycle Network is a success story and its earliest beginnings can be traced back to our own.