Leave a gift in your will

Leaving a legacy is a special way to support us and will ensure that our good work can continue for many years.

A gift in your will can make sure your passion lives on and will make a lasting impression on future generations.

What do you value? The iconic National Cycle Network, our mission to make towns and cities people-centred, our work transforming the school-run or our community-led design projects? Whatever brought you to IJ̳, we’re so grateful that you share our passion for making it easier for everyone to walk and cycle.  

A gift in your will can make sure you leave a legacy for future generations. Gifts in Wills have long been a vital source of income to us and the generosity of Supporters past has brought us and our valuable work to where we are today.

Our vision is a society where the way we travel creates healthier places and happier lives for everyone. The delivery of this vision is and will be the legacy of all those who’ve remembered us in their Wills. It’s our honour to celebrate you through our work.

Telling us about your special gift

If you've decided to leave us a gift in your will and you feel comfortable to tell us, we’d love to hear from you. Above all, we’d like to say thank you, but we’ll also make sure we won’t write to you unnecessarily in the future. We also warmly extend an offer to all pledgers to be named on our special oak thank you plaque at our Head Office entrance in Bristol. This small gesture represents a big thank you from IJ̳ for your commitment to securing a happier, healthier future where everyone can easily walk and cycle.

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Please talk to us about your will

Thank you for considering this very special way of supporting us.

Talk to us to find out more: molly.lajtha@sustrans.org.uk

How to get started

For up-to-date, essential advice about making or updating a will, we recommend visiting the .

Types of gifts you might wish to consider

There are a number of different ways you can remember IJ̳ in your will, depending on your circumstances. You don’t need to pledge a large amount because every penny and action of support makes a difference.

  • Residuary bequest (a share of remaining assets):

You could pledge a percentage of what is left of your estate, after all other gifts and debts have been paid.

  • Pecuniary bequest (a specific amount of money)

You could pledge a fixed sum of money to be paid from the value of your estate.

  • Specific bequest (an item or items)

You could pledge a particular item of value or a collection to IJ̳ which would be sold to financially support our work such as an antique or a piece of jewellery.

How do I go about making or changing my will?

In the first instance, we recommend reading the up-to-date advice of .

If you decide that you need to find a solicitor, we recommend searching with the or the .

Your chosen solicitor will require the following information about IJ̳:


2 Cathedral Square

College Green



Registered charity numbers 326550 (England and Wales) SC039263 (Scotland)

How does a gift in my will affect my tax position?

The money and assets left in your estate may be subject to Inheritance Tax, for up-to-date information on rates, reliefs and exemptions we recommend reading the advice on the .

To explore the advantages of making a gift to charity, we recommend reading the up-to-date advice of the . A reputable Inheritance Tax solicitor will be able to offer you detailed, tailored advice on your individual circumstances.

Thank you for considering this very special way of supporting us.